Biggest Losers Are The Biggest Winners at the Jewish Community Center

A JCC weight loss contest has 227 individuals on 55 unique teams.

It’s OK to be a big loser at the Losing weight as a project is happening seven days a week in the center’s fitness department. For the second consecutive year, teams have been working off the pounds in a contest simply dubbed “Lighten Up.”

Everything got under way for the contest January 16. Since then teams of three, four and in rare cases five have worked together to shed collective pounds. The final weigh in comes Sunday.

There are 227 individuals enrolled on 55 teams. Each team was assigned a predetermined cartoon name.

As of the first weigh in of March 4, collectively 1,732 pounds have proudly been lost.

Katie Hughes, an assistant manager in the fitness department, a personal trainer and weight loss manager runs this contest.

She is simply overjoyed to see those pounds and pounds melt away. “This is a great thing. People are taking better care of themselves. They want to all be healthier,” said Hughes.

“A few really struggle, and a couple (of contestants) gave up. But for the most part, everyone has lost some amount of weight.”

The teams are battling for some great prizes. The team that wins the contest will receive a St. Louis Cardinals experience package (includes box seats to a game this summer); a one month free membership to the JCC and a fitness service package which includes a complimentary Pilates class; a free massage and a free session with a personal trainer.

The male and female who lose the most weight will simply win the coveted prize “bragging rights” at the J.

One particular morning, Patch followed the Flintstone’s team in action. They are Deborah Organ of Creve Coeur, Clara Goldman of Creve Coeur, and Brooke McGee of O’Fallon. Deborah’s husband Jason could not make the day-time session.

The three women, all who have given birth (two each for Deborah and Brooke) and one for Clara worked out with weighted kettle bells, walked on the elliptical machines and circled the elevated track.

Clara has more of an uphill battle this time around. She lost 41 pounds during last year’s event, and is down another five pounds this time around.

“This all really helps me to stay motivated and to continue on my journey,” said Goldman. McGee, who works for the J in the fitness department agreed.  “We share recipes and snacks. We support each other all time time,” said McGee.

“This has really been a lot of fun and we hope to finish in the top five (of teams),” said Organ.

Actually, the real winners are all of the 227 members who entered this contest. Not one would say they are exhibiting any less self esteem after giving all that effort.

Kalen Ponche March 11, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Congrats to all the "losers"!


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