Go Todd Go! (Todd Akin for US Senate!)

Arthur Christopher Schaper is a resident of Torrance, CA commenting on Congressman Todd Akin's decision to stay in Missouri's US Senate race.

Despite the howling of the mainstream media and the GOP establishment, Congressman Todd Akin bravely stood his ground to stay in the US Senate race against liberal incumbent Claire McCaskill.

This country need smore politicians like Akin --  men and women who are not afraid to admit that they made a mistake, but refuse to cower, cut, and run when the going gets tough.

Once again, the Mainstream media has made itself marginal and further irrelevant to the national conversation. CBS This Morning actually had the intensely stupid audacity to compare Akin's gaffe to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer,  Congressman Anthony Weiner and President Bill Clinton's sexploits.

And let us not forget Vice President Joe Biden's recent "chains y'all" comment. This Scranton-PA-by-way-of-Delaware transplant has made one gaffe after another. Biden has further widened the credibility gaffe (or gap) of the Mainstream Media, which insists on going easy on liberals while savaging conservatives.

Beyond any doubt, Akin's comments in no way measure up to the private perversions and public distractions of those Democrats. As I have written before, Akin made a stupid statement, but the voters are not so stupid as to permit the raving of media and political elites to elicit anything more than a temporal focus on this matter. Missouri, and the rest of the country, are still hurting under the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-McCaskill juggernaut of tax, spend, waste, fraud, regulate-frustrate, scare-and-tear economic and political stagnation. ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank are the diadem in these policies of Washington debt and deficit dysfunction, and Senator Claire McCaskill has been in lock-step with this partisan folly. The time has come to hustle her out of Washington once and for all -- and Akin is the man to make it happen.

On another note, not just the Mainstream Media, but the GOP Establishment also has made itself marginalized and  more irrelevant by burning its bridges with Todd Akin. He does not need party machine money to win. Just look at Richard Mourdock of Indiana and Ted Cruz of Texas. Those two candidates two were the Tea Party underdogs in their respective primaries, yet they pulled ahead of the Establishment candidates to take the nomination in an outright upset. Mourdock and Cruz -- and Akin -- are already leading their Democratic challengers .

We need more limited government types like these men, statemen who will also limit the role of national party pandering, the collusion of which has created the bipartisan Beltway back-scratching of pork, perks, hand-picked candidates, and a government packed with lobbyists and pock-marked with debt.

I predict that not only will Todd Akin take the senate seat in November, as he should, but his presence in the Senate will be a daily slap in the face to the Beltway establishment, both Democrat and Republican. We the voters, not "they" the political machines nor "they" the "mainstream Media", elect the candidates and tell them what needs to be done.

 On November 6th, vote for Todd Akin for US Senate!

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Bob Usher August 23, 2012 at 01:15 PM
This "stupid statement" is only one in a long line of stupid statements that he has made over his career. He doesn't just want limited government, he wants a government molded to fit his short sighted, closed minded, personal views. Anyone who doesn't agree with him is just wrong in his mind.
Earl Higgins November 04, 2012 at 02:56 AM
"Arthur Christopher Schaper is a life-long resident of the South Bay. He currently lives in Torrance." As near as can be determined, Mr. Schaper spends all of his time spamming local patch websites across the country with his rather mundane, reactionary political ramblings. Read them if you wish, but consider watching paint dry as a more exciting alternative.


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