City Panel OK's Jaguar Plan Despite Neighboring Property Owner

Plaza Motors' request to build a Jaguar/Land Rover dealership will now be considered by the Creve Coeur City Council Monday.

When is a street a street, or an avenue really an avenue?

That question was part of the debate Tuesday night as the Creve Coeur Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing to consider a request by Plaza Motors for a Conditional Use Permit to take over property currently held by and .

David Lange, a neighboring property owner, rose in objection to the plan because it relies on right-of-way on Ham Avenue to the rear of the Olive Boulevard property.

"It's our driveway," Lange told Commission members of Ham Avenue, saying he had proof that he owned the street. He also voiced concern about how traffic on the site would impact his property.

Creve Coeur's Director of Community Development Paul Langdon described Ham Avenue as "little more than a paved alley," but said it was considered by St. Louis County officials to be a public street.

Langdon said the proposal includes enough land involved on the property to support a private driveway in the event that the question over Ham Avenue became an issue, so Commission members proceeded with what was a unanimous 5-0 vote to approve the project's Conditional Use Permit.

Langdon repeated what had been indicated in the city staff report on the project, that while it is a different approach for developing a piece of land which has been seen since 1969 as a key to building a "downtown distict," the project meets the needs of city's comprehensive plan.

The project now moves to Creve Coeur City Council Monday night for a first reading. 


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