Coming Attractions: Pastries, Phones & Movie Food

AT&T, AMC and La Bonne Bouchee have plans for Creve Coeur

The city's Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing April 16 on the AMC West Olive theatre's request for a conditional use permit to allow for in-theater dining. And we're not just talking about popcorn and soda.

While AMC officials declined comment, it appears Creve Coeur is slated for the chain's first attempt in St. Louis to deliver a "Fork & Screen" experience. 

The application for the permit says "In-theatre dining provides a unique opportunity to combine the entertainment of movie going with th convenience of a dining experience." Check out the accompanying YouTube clip for a look.

The concept has been around for more than a decade at other AMC locations. In the scenario up for discussion here, the number of seats would be reduced from roughly 100 seats to somewhere between 35 and 50, giving moviegoers room to eat and servers the space to bring food (everything from burgers to margaritas) to eat right at your seat.

Theatres with this concept are also 10-15 percent brighter as well, according to the application.

Unsupervised teens would not be allowed in this seating area.


Pastry lovers will have more room to enjoy them in Creve Coeur next month.

is getting ready to open expanded space next door to the french bakery's home in the Westgate Shopping Center.

Olivier Leguet was tight-lipped about exactly what is planned for the space during a recent stop by the shop, other than to call it a surprise. He said an opening is planned for May.


In an update to a recent , AT&T is in fact moving forward with plans to open a new Creve Coeur location in the former Blockbuster Video location, just west of the existing AT&T store also on Olive Boulevard. A May opening is also planned there, as well, according to an employee at the current location. It is unclear if there are any plans for the existing store.

Kalen Ponche April 06, 2012 at 08:31 PM
I'm interested in hearing more about how the food service will work in the theater. Can you order during the movie? Just before it starts? How will the waiters get to the middle of a row?
Gregg Palermo April 06, 2012 at 10:24 PM
At least as you watch the YouTube clip, it looks like there's a call button at the seats, almost like on an aircraft. The reduction in the seating gives them the room they need to get to you. I think some movies will work better than others with a concept like this. If I'm really focused on dialogue or an intricate plot, I might want to see it in the traditional way.


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