Molina Healthcare Starts Laying Off Creve Coeur Workforce

The company announced earlier this year that it would shutter operations this summer.

The drawdown of employees at offices in Creve Coeur has begun.

Hit by the , and rebuffed in an, the company has started letting employees at the firm's Olive Boulevard offices go.

The company first notified the Missouri Department of Economic Development of the notice provided to employees in April that operations in Creve Coeur would close June 30. A total of 67 employees learned in May that June 1, 2012 would be their last day on the job.

In the latest filing with the state on June 1, the company said the remaining 30 employees would be let go no later than August 1, but could be as early as July 1.

A total of 119 employees are impacted by the move.


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