Restaurant Inspections: Creve Coeur Shop 'Needs A Bug Strip'

Each week, Patch publishes information from the local restaurant inspections of St. Louis County Department of Health as well as their grade.

Here are the latest restaurant inspections for the past 90 days:

Address: 12418 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur
Date of Inspection: May 4
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 97-A
Comments: Food protection certificate has expired; freezer floor badly damaged.
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for May 19

Address: 10909 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur
Date of Inspection: May 14
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 92-A
Comments: Bug strip needed on the back door; Hepatitis A immunization records needed for all employees; light bulb shield missing from fixture.
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for May 24.


Address: 2700 Derhake, Florissant
Date of Inspection: April 27
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 96-A
Comments: Mildew found on plastic shield inside of ice machine; door sweep on back door needs repair; inspector noticed ceiling tiles in kitchen, store rooms and restrooms must be corrected to be nonabsorbent. 
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for May 7.

Pink’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice
Address: 33 Mullanphy Gardens Shopping Center, Florissant
Date of Inspection: May 2
Type of Inspection: Opening
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 95-A
Comments: Mop sink needs to be installed; restroom door needs to be self-closing.
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for June 3


Address: 5494 Brown Road, Hazelwood
Date of Inspection: March 13
Type of Inspection: Routine 
Risk Factor: 3
Grade: 81-B
Comments: Person in charge has no food safety certification available; no proof of Hepatitis A immunization records for employees; heavy debris built up on soda gun; tableware not stored appropriately to prevent contamination; food debris found inside microwave; food debris found at bottom of freezer and tables next to fryer; no cold water at handsink in kitchen; health permit expired in February.
*Follow-up inspection scheduled for March 23.

Address: 7218 N. Hanley Rd., Hazelwood
Date of Inspection: May 10
Type of Inspection: Complaint
Risk Factor: 3
Grade: 100-A
Comments: Department received complaint that customer received a box of shrimp fried rice and in the midst of eating it, found a roach cooked in with the rice. The inspection found no insects in the restaurant or in any food.

Address: 2148 McKelvey Rd., Maryland Heights
Date of Inspection: May 11
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 100-A
Comments: No soap found at hand sink.

Address: 11938 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights
Date of Inspection: April 9
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 2
Grade: 99-A
Comments: No thermometer found in reach-in cooler


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