Restaurant Inspections: Astoria Has Minor Issues, Still Makes the Grade

Plus, inspectors visit Dairy Queen, Dave & Buster's and more.

Each week, Creve Coeur Patch publishes information from the local restaurant inspections of St. Louis County Department of Health as well as their grade.

Here are some of the latest restaurant inspections from the past 90 days:

12949 Olive Arcade Plz., Creve Coeur
Date of Inspection: Oct. 8
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 3
Grade: 98-A
Comments: There were no paper towels in the hand sink. Fly strips in prep area. Gasket on RIC damaged. Ceiling tile damaged in store room. Grease around fryer. No follow-up inspection required.

China Garden
2131 Charbonier Rd., Florissant
Date of Inspection: Oct. 25
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 3
Grade: 99-A
Comments: Inspector observed stains and debris on some of the cutting utensils that were being stored as clean. Employee removed soiled utensils and cleaned all utensils and rack. Violation corrected on site. Inspector observed chicken and pork items being stored on the prep bar with a temperature reading of 42 to 45 degrees. All cold hold foods must be kept at 41 degrees or lower. Employee on duty turned down the temp of the prep bar unit on site. Inspector observed cooked rice in a bowl on the prep table that had a temperature of 66 degrees. Person in charge told inspector that rice had been made earlier that morning but there was no prrof of the time being used as a public health control. The employee put the rice in the cooler. Inspector observed items inside the walk-in cooler that were not covered with a lid for the prevention of cross-contamination. All violations corrected on site and inspector offered advice for staying compliant. No follow-up inspection required.

Dairy Queen Treat Center
5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd., Hazelwood
Date of Inspection: Oct. 1
Type of Inspection: Follow-up
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 99-A
Comments: Required a follow-up inspection after routine inspection on Sept. 20. Inspector found violations corrected. Food safety certification provided, no debris on can opener, hot dogs were holding at the proper temperatures, proof of Hepatitis A immunizations provided. Also, thermometer provided, spoons stored properly and debris removed.

Dave & Buster’s
13857 Riverport Dr., Maryland Heights
Date of Inspection: Aug. 29
Type of Inspection: Routine
Risk Factor: 1
Grade: 100-A
Comments: No violations were observed during this inspection.


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