Creve Coeur Creeks and Streams Get An Identity

The Deer Creek Watershed program announced names for the bodies of water last month.

If you've ever wandered by a creek or stream in and wondered what it was called, there is now an answer for several bodies of water in the city.

At a ceremony in May held by the Deer Creek Friends, the following names were announced, as nominated by local citizens or organizations and after final approval from the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.

The names pay homage to Creve Coeur's history and heritage. The historical information below is courtesy of the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance.

Denny Creek

Nominated by Ann Carter, Ray Potter, and Richards Bruno

This stream borders the old Denny Estate that was granted to Samuel Denny in 1819 by President Monroe. The stream also crosses the old Denny Road which is now referred to as Lindbergh Blvd. 

Deschamps Creek

Nominated by Daniel Johnson

Named to honor  A. A. Deschamps who was the first school master of Spoede Schoolhouse and who lived in what is now Spoede Woods Subdivison.

Dielmann Creek

        Nominated by Ken Bush and Dr. Mabel Purkerson

 Named after Creve Coeur Mayor Harold Dielmann's grandfather. The Dielmann family has owned land in the Deer Creek watershed for more than a century.

Pebble Creek
Nominated by Mary Carpenter, Ken Bush, and Howard Bland

This stream has been historically referred to as Pebble Creek as documented in a drainage map from 1949 which is currently on display at the Ladue City Hall. This stream is also close to Pebble Creek Road.

Rosenfelder Creek

Nominated by Paul Brown

Named in honor of Agnes Rosenfelder whose family owned land close to this stream in the 19th century until they lost the land during the Great Depression. Agnes lived in the City of Creve Coeur until the age of 100.

Fernridge Creek

Nominated by the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District

This creek has been noted as Fernridge Creek on FEMA maps.

Windrush Creek

Nominated by the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District

This creek has been noted as Windrush Creek on FEMA maps.

Monsanto-Sunswept Creek

Nominated by the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District 

This creek has been noted as Monsanto-Sunswept Creek on FEMA maps.

Click here for a look at more photos from the May 2011 event and to learn about other newly-named creeks in the area.


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