Census Reaction: Creve Coeur City Administrator Weighs In

Perkins: Growth driven by assisted living, condo and apartment developments.

Friday Update:  Creve Coeur City Patch conducted an email interview with City Administrator Mark Perkins Friday regarding Thursday's release of census data.

Perkins said much of the city's 8 percent population growth since the 2000 census can be attributed to , Parc Provance,  apartments, and the Summit Lofts and City Place condominum developments. Not reflected in the census population data, Perkins said, are the estimated 45,000 people who commute to the city for work and spend the day there, impacting city services.

Some political leaders, like St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay said the fallout from figures showing a population decline in St. Louis City and County should be a catalyst for thinking regionally, which has once again re-ignited debate over the merits of a City-County merger. Perkins says it is too early to know how a merger might impact Creve Coeur, but that the city has been "actively engaging in and seeking opportunities for regional cooperation, from both a standpoint of improving efficiences as well as enhancing service levels," he said. 

Perkins called the , launching next month to combine police dispatching services for Creve Coeur, Frontenac and Town and Country, "a prime example" of that work.



Original Story Posted Thursday:

The state of Missouri got a first look at detailed information collected by the  U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday. The numbers show growth for the City of Creve Coeur and the state, but a decline in St. Louis County's population.

As of April 1, 2010, Missouri’s population has grown by seven percent to  5,988,927, with a growth of 393,716 people since 2000, according to the Missouri Census Data Center. Even with the population increase statewide, it will not be enough to maintain Missouri's nine seats in Congress. State lawmakers have begun in earnest the study of redrawing nine districts into eight. Creve Coeur has been in Missouri's 1st District since the 2000 Census. Rep. William Lacy Clay has not responded to mulitple requests for comment since the state learned in December it would be losing a seat, and his office provided no comment on the more detailed figures released Thursday.

St. Louis County's population decreased by 17, 361 people, or about 1.7 percent, with a total population of 998,954 in 2010, which is down from 1,016,315 in 2000. The census measured 17, 833 people in Creve Coeur, up from 16,500 in 2000

City officials had not seen updated information when Patch checked in with them late Thursday afternoon. Come back Friday for more reaction.

Population data from the 2010 Census:

  Creve Coeur St. Louis County Missouri Total: 17,833 998,954 5,988,927   Population of one race: 17,490 980,358 5,864,338     White alone 14,251 701,948 4,958,770     Black or African American alone 1,278 233,029 693,391     American Indian and Alaska Native alone 34 1,962 27,376     Asian alone 1,800 34,597 98,083     Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 3 307 6,261     Some Other Race alone 124 8,515 80,457   Two or More Races: 343 18,596 124,589   Hispanic or Latino (cultural designation; may be any race) 461 25,024 212,470 18 or older (voting age) 14,112 764,780 4,563,491

Population data from the 2000 Census:

  Creve Coeur St. Louis County Missouri Total: 16,500 1,016,315 5,595,211   Population of one race: 16,340 1,003,485 5,513,150     White alone 14,651 780,830 4,748,083     Black or African American alone 569 193,306 629,391     American Indian and Alaska Native alone 35 1,717 25,076     Asian alone 993 22,606 61,595     Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 1 251 3,178     Some other race alone 91 4,775 45,827   Population of two or more races: 160 12,830 82,061   Hispanic or Latino (cultural designation; could be any race) 292 14,577 118,592 18 or older (voting age) 13,042 760,324 4,167,519


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