Creve Coeur In Review: A Great Place To Work, Hackers and People Helping People

Here's a weekly roundup of some of the other news about the news in Creve Coeur.

Each week, we're working hard to produce stories that matter to you and are worth your attention. We realize we aren't the only ones in that endeavor. This week, the spotlight shines on a Creve Coeur company which is helping neighbors to the north recover from recent flooding, to a hack attack at a company headquartered in the city, plus one local organization that gets high marks as a workplace.

  • Across the street, literally, it was a bit of a better week for the Monsanto-backed
  • Governor Jay Nixon signed a number of bills into law this week which were of special interest to Creve Coeur-area lawmakers.

The Associated Press and St. Louis Public Radio Radio reported, on the so-called Amy Hestir Student protection Act, authored by State Senator Jane Cunningham, as well as Senate Bill 320, sponsored by State Senator John Lamping.

Cunningham's legislation addresses issues surrounding sexual abuse of students at the hands of school officials.

Lamping's bill makes revisions to the state's domestic violence statutes.

In addition, the Governor signed a measure which mandates drug screening for certain welfare recipients. Representative Jill Schupp was outspoken in her opposition to the idea, according to Associated Press reporting on the issue early in the 2011 legislative session.


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