Creve Coeur Man To Receive French Military Honor

Hal Roth came ashore on D-Day and was later awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. He'll be presented with the French Legion of Honor next month.

Paul Dillon got a phone call he'd been waiting for Wednesday for a long time. He said he learned from Congressman Russ Carnahan's office that Hal Roth, a World War II veteran from Creve Coeur who has had a pending application with the French government for a French Legion of Honor Award, will officially get the honor next month.

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Roth, who now lives at the assisted living facility in Creve Coeur, received the actual medal in the mail last month in an inconspicuous envelope. Dillon, Missouri commander of the American Ex-Prisoners of War, said something that prestigious required a "fuss", which will come at a ceremony next month featuring Rep. Carnahan and a representative from the French Consulate.

According to Dillon, Roth will be honored alongside Bill Koeln, a World War II veteran from South St. Louis County.

Dillon hopes the designation will help bring Roth's experience with war, to something of an end.

"This hopefully, lets him understand and know the he lived a good life," Dillon said.


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