Creve Coeur Weather: 'Streets are in really good condition'

Public works crews will be on a skeleton staff tonight in case of re-freezing

Snow was still falling in Creve Coeur after noon Thursday, but from the city public works perspective, director Jim Heines was pleased with his department's work battling the first real snow event of the season.

"Streets are in really good condition," he said by phone almost 12 hours after workers had first hit the street to pretreat roads ahead of the A.M. rush hour snow.

Heines said the key was getting out As a result, some roads, including Olive Boulevard, Interstate 270, who's plowing responsiblities are are managed by the state or the country, were difficult to navigate during the morning commute.

MoDOT Director Kevin Keith was blunt in his assessment of the work of state crews in an interview with KMOX. "I’m hearing the same thing, that we didn’t get a lot of snow and traffic was a mess, and I’m not very happy about it,” he said.

Heines said there is always communication among municipalities after a weather event and that he anticipated "even stronger lines of communication after this."

He added that a skeleton crew would be available Thursday night in order to deal with any areas which refreeze, ahead of Friday morning's commute.


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