Delmar Gardens Public Hearing Tonight

City staffers have suggested commission members take no vote on the project until November.

There is a short agenda for Monday night's Creve Coeur Planning and Zoning Commission, but the panel could still see the largest crowd in years at the meeting.

After years of speculation and rumor, representatives of Delmar Gardens presented their plan to transform more than 20 acres on Ladue Road near Interstate 270 earlier this year, and at 7 p.m., Commission members will hold a public hearing on the project Monday night at the Creve Coeur Government Center.

In a staff report on the project released last week, set forth in the city's comprehensive plan to merit the zoning change necessary. 

Representatives from Delmar Gardens argue that the Comprehensive Plan hasn't been updated in more than a decade and that the project fills a significant need for senior housing in Creve Coeur.

Still, the decision rests with Commission members. City staff is suggesting that a vote on a recommendation either way for the project wait until the panel's next meeting in November, although a decision could still come Monday night.

According to CreveCoeurVoter.com, residents near the proposed development have started a petition campaign opposed to the project.

Friday, after questioning via email from former Ward 4 Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Laura Bryant, Mayor Barry Glantz confirmed that he will not recuse himself from Delmar Gardens-related issues as he has in the past during his own tenure as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner.

In an email response to Bryant, Glantz said John King, an attorney at Lathrop and Gage who represents Glantz's architectural firm, no longer represents Delmar Gardens' interests on the Ladue Road project.


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