Did You Know Candy Crowley Grew Up In Creve Coeur?

The moderator of the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney drew criticism from both campaigns before Tuesday's debate began.

After a presidential debate, there are usually 3 points of view. Candidate A won, Candidate B won and both sides complain about the moderator.

In the case of Tuesday's Presidential debate between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, that criticism actually emerged days ahead of the event on Long Island, in part because CNN's Candy Crowley told the Huffington Post she'd be willing to engage the candidates in addition to letting them engage eachother.

Crowley, who hosts CNN's State of The Union Sunday program, grew up in Creve Coeur. She told St. Louis Magazine in 2005, "We lived in Creve Coeur in the ’50s. It was really early on—there were ponds and fields and no Interstate 270."

After the debate, she talked with CNN about the experience moderating the debate and the moment during discussion of the Libyan consulate attack, where she had to in essence, fact check both sides.

flyoverland October 17, 2012 at 10:59 AM
I thought she did a horrible job moderating the debate. She did everything but put an Obama bumper sticker on the desk. Your comment about how she "had to fact check both sides," proved to be embarrassing for her as she had to admit later Romney had been correct after she said he was wrong. When journalists try to become part of the story, which is often these days, this is what happens.
Scott Simon October 17, 2012 at 03:06 PM
I thought she was as bad as Jim Lehrer, failing to control the clock resulting in it being the worst debate I've seen, witnessed or participated. Control the clock, you control the participants. Control the participants and the result is their focus on the message to people watching. Media no longer has a backbone. Time for the Debate Commission to seek someone to anchor debates who one that no one knows about. I know 10 people who have been great debate moderators that had no media experience. The commission can't argue a name-maker is required. No one watched the debates saying, "Hey, Candy Crowley and Jim Lehrer are hosting debates!"


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