Draft Lottery Set; Where Could Bradley Beal Go?

The Charlotte Bobcats failed to win the first pick in next month's NBA Draft, despite the league's worst record, opening a potential new destination for the Chaminade star.

A lot can happen between now and June 28, the night of the NBA Draft.

There is the pre-draft workout early next month where team execs can poke, prod, measure and compare prospects, including former standout Bradley Beal, widely seen as a consensus top 10 pick.

But Wednesday night, the selection process came into more focus as the draft order was finalized. The New Orleans Hornets upset the applecart and overcame the odds to get the rights to the first selection, all but assured to be Kentucky Forward Anthony Davis.

The Charlotte Bobcats, owners of the worst record in the league, had the best odds of selecting first overall, but will instead pick second. Beal could easily be the direction they go at number 2. It will be interesting to see how team executives and fans in Charlotte, who thought for months that they were all but certain to land Davis, get comfortable with an alternative. 

Barring trades, and assuming Beal stays among the top 8 players drafted, other potential landing spots, like Washington (3), Cleveland (4), Sacramento (5), Portland (6) are still possiblities, at least according to earlier mock draft predictions.

The team with the seventh overall pick--the Golden State Warriors present another interesting possibility, putting Beal on the same squad as another former Chaminade Red Devil, .

But a lot can happen between now and draft day.


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