Editor: Ray's Donuts Restaurant Inspection Headline Was Too Sensational

Thursday's report may have left readers with the wrong impression.

For almost the last year and a half, Creve Coeur Patch has provided a weekly roundup reporting on restaurant inspections done by the St. Louis County Health Department.

Along with the police blotter, readers tell us this is one of their favorite regular features. I think that's because we've all been to so many of these places. We do all, after all, have to eat. And since these inspection reports are public record, they're easy to find and share with you.

But Thursday, we ran a story on the most recent reports and used a headline that was unnecessarily hyperbolic. That headline was changed for visitors to the site, but couldn't stop "Ray's Donuts Causes Concern for Health Inspector, Requires 30-Day Follow-Up," from going out as the text in our daily newsletter.

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So what was the actual discovery in the inspection?

"Gasket on RIC damaged. Cove base missing from back area. Ceiling tiles need to be non-perforated. 30-day-follow-up."

Read the actual St. Louis County Health Department Inspection Report

As is, the inspector still gave the restaurant an "A" grade of 98 out of 100. One would expect that given time, that number could be even higher the next time.

I regret that this exaggeration got past us and I've already taken steps to make sure what happened here will be avoided in the future. While we don't get graded like a restaurant does for the world to see, we still strive for perfection and aren't afraid to speak up when we fall short of that goal.

Now, who wants a donut?

Les Steinberg December 07, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Good explanation, and nice that you gave credit to the business owner for the A grade. Health inspections, like most government regulations, can amount to much ado about nothing. The items noted in the Ray's Donut inspection had nothing to do with food quality or a safety risk. They should be commended for their A grade.
Jenny Niemeyer December 07, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Good for you! I'm very pleased that you owned up to this.
Scott Simon December 10, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Interesting the owner will react to a headline but not a customer email


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