Letter From The Principal: 'Let's Move' Parkway

Patch shares letters from principals in the Parkway School district to the community.

By Dr. Kim Brandon,

“Physical fitness is essential to health in people of all ages. Children who are physically active will have stronger muscles and bones and are less likely to become overweight than kids who have a more sedentary lifestyle.” (http://www.livestrong.com/article/344565-why-is-rest-exercise-important-for-children/#ixzz1tSLRqOat)

Life, today, is very different than when I was growing up. My brother and I used to ride our bikes to our friends’ houses and play outside until it was dark. Today, with all the instances of child abductions, it is understandable why parents are less inclined to allow their children out of their sight.

Television didn’t offer much more than three basic stations until I was in high school, so there wasn’t much I wanted to watch on TV other than the evening shows that I viewed with my family. And, the occasional trip to McDonalds was just that—an occasional trip. 

It is more challenging for kids, today, to stay physically active and to learn to develop healthy eating choices. Thankfully, our First Lady, Michelle Obama, has taken on this challenge and her efforts are definitely making a difference through her “Let’s Move!” campaign.

Let’s Move! aims to increase opportunities for kids to be physically active, both in and out of school and to create new opportunities for families to move together.

  • Active Families: Engage in physical activity each day : a total of 60 minutes for children, 30 minutes for adults.
  • Active Schools: A variety of opportunities are available for schools to add more physical activity into the school day, including additional physical education classes, before–and afterschool programs, recess, and opening school facilities for student and family recreation in the late afternoon and evening.
  • Active Communities: Mayors and community leaders can promote physical fitness by working to increase safe routes for kids to walk and ride to school; by revitalizing parks, playgrounds, and community centers; and by providing fun and affordable sports and fitness programs.

(Information taken from the “Let’s Move” Website.)

 There are many wonderful activities planned for families to learn more about fitness and diet while having fun “moving their bodies!”

Whether or not you are able to attend Saturday’s event, I hope you and your family will find ways to “get moving” so you can stay physically active and create a healthy lifestyle—together!

Kyle Enervold May 03, 2012 at 10:02 PM
This is great. I am a physical education teacher education major at Illinois State University right now, and hearing about these out of school activities that schools are putting on to spread the word about the importance of staying physically active is great. Kids today are becoming increasingly more and more overweight, and facing the risk of Type II Diabetes, so it is even more vitally important to inform students about the dangers of being obese and encouraging them to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. After school programs like this one, as well as others around the country is a great start to getting students active, but it is just that, a start. It is going to take families to encourage their children to be active, as well as learn to live a healthy lifestyle themselves. It is also going to take physical education teachers to be more informed about physical fitness, and teaching their lessons during the school day to aim towards more of a fitness game approach. Here at ISU, we are taught of these important health-related concepts and how to incorporate them into our lessons, but ultimately it is up to us to get out into our future classrooms and teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle to our students, so they will hopefully continue that healthy approach outside of school.


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