Max Scherzer Opens Up About Pitching Despite Family Tragedy

The Parkway Central grad talked Monday about returning to the mound for the Detroit Tigers just days after the death of his brother Alex.

Update: Scherzer issued a statement Tuesday for Detroit-area reporters talking about the difficulty of returning to the mound and the impact his brother Alex has had on his life, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Max Scherzer will make his scheduled start Thursday in Tampa and then, according to the paper, return to St. Louis for a weekend memorial.


Original Story

Max Scherzer understandably got a pass in declining comment after a gutsy performance on the mound for the Detroit Tigers, a loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates Saturday. It came after being on leave for two days following the death of his brother, Alex.

What his teammates spoke volumes about how he is likely considered in the Detroit clubhouse.

Monday, however, Scherzer broke his silence, in an interview, according to The Detroit News The and University of Missouri graduate told a team broadcaster,"This is what I love to do. That is what allowed me to get through it," the paper said he he told broadcaster Dan Dickerson. "I know it put a lot of smiles on faces of my friends and family, in such a somber time. ... It was worth it."

Given a normal period of rest, Scherzer would be scheduled to pitch again Thursday.


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