Monsanto Targeted By Weekend Protest In Creve Coeur

Sunday afternoon dozens of demonstrators protested outside Monsanto headquarters building on Lindbergh.


"Pure Evil," read one sign.

Sunday afternoon, dozens of protesters lined the street outside global headquarters on 800 Lindbergh Blvd, holding signs critical of the company's work with genetically modified foods.

It was all part of an international day of protest against companies in the business of genetically modified food. Local protests in St. Louis were led by Safe Food Action St. Louis.

Several police officers were on hand monitoring the protest.

Cars drove by and honked approval..

A handful of protesters were also spotted along Skinker Blvd, near Washington University in St. Louis.

In a company statement released to KMOX radio, Monsanto said in part:

We respect each individual’s right to express his or her point of view. We understand that topics such as agriculture and its uses – food, feed, clothing and bioenergy – are important to all of us.

A Reader October 17, 2011 at 11:39 PM
Personal story :Allergy to GMO soy and necessity of GMO labeling GMO Genetically Modified Organism (see below) After my son stopped breast feeding, he drank soy milk. He was born allergic to cow's milk ( touching milk gives him hives, swallowing milk makes him vomit). He did fine on the soy, but as an adult in recent years has had trouble with soy. At first it seemed random; sometimes he could eat it and sometimes it gave him an allergic reaction. This is not a trivial problem as Soy is an ingredient in many foods. Gradually he realized that if he bought specially products that labeled the soy as Not GMO, he was OK. For example he can eat soy containing foods from Trader Joes as that store's labels indicate which products are not GMO. He has been able to monitor his own food intake for cows milk since he learned to read labels to keep himself safe. How can he monitor his soy if, in most store and on most US products, the GMOs are not labeled? . GMO's LABELING IS NOT REQUIRED in the US. GMO's ARE labeled in Europe. LABELING IS DOABLE. We happen to live near one of the 5 Trader Joes in MO. Similar stores are hard to find in smaller towns and rural areas. Labeling foods as GMO would help keep people with GMO induced allergies safe no matter where they lived or shopped. GMO: Organisms (plants, animals, bacteria etc.) made by the direct human introduction of foreign DNA or synthetic genes into the organism. See Wikipedia for Genetically modified food
maria concilio October 21, 2011 at 05:11 PM


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