Report: Chaminade Grad Trapped in Dubai with Gun Smuggling Charges

Steve Dolan, who has family in Ballwin, works for an international shipping company and said he has no knowledge of the "knock-off" firearms he is accused of smuggling into Dubai.

Steve Dolan, vice president of shipping for APL Emirates, is awaiting the verdict of a case brought against him and three others charged with smuggling guns into Dubai, according to an STL Today report.

Dolan, who has been living in Dubai for two years, is a Ballwin native and graduated from Chaminade in the 1970s according to the report.

The report adds Dolan said "he knows nothing about the approximately 30,000 knock-off handguns and ammunition authorities told him they discovered last fall in a container that was switching ships in Dubai en route from Turkey to Djibouti."

If Dolan is found guilty, he could face up to 50 years in prison. He told STL Today "We had nothing to do with this" and that he is confident "If I go to jail over this, the U.S. government will act."

Read the full story on STL Today.


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