See, Click, Fix: Answers To A Creve Coeur Drainage Problem

Patch talked to the city's director of public works to get answers to a question posed by a reader.

Creve Coeur Patch users are good neighbors, and being a good neighbor means keeping an eye out for the problems all neighborhoods face.

That’s why we are telling you about a new tool we found called SeeClickFix.com. You can use it to report (and hopefully find solutions for) common problems—such as potholes, abandoned vehicles, unsafe crosswalks or intersections, rodent problems and more—online.

Our goal is to bring neighbors together, making them aware of local problems and giving them the tools and information they need to solve them. If there is a way Patch can help, like calling the mayor’s office or doing a story on the issue, we will.

One user pointed out a drainage problem on S. Graeser on the map.

The Problem

"Whenever it rains, improper drainage on the streets results in a very large puddle between driveways starting at 122 S. Graeser and neighbor. Puddle exists for several days past rain which results in standing water not ideal in the summer. It becomes a bug problem."

The Solution

"What’s happened is this area of South Graeser is fairly flat and this area, it appears the curb line has sunk down just a little bit," said Jim Heines, the city of Creve Coeur's Director of Public Works. Being flat, now, whenever all of a sudden it rains, a pond is created right in this area.”

Heines said the only way to correct the problem is to rebuild the entire stretch. The project was discussed this week at a city council work session as part of the city's capital improvement plan. Heines told Patch those plans are roughly two to three years away, but they're happening.

"They’ve been waiting a long time but I think that we can see that the solution is finally coming," Heines said.

To report a problem, click the “Report” tab in the map above. It’s in the upper-left corner next to “Issues.” Drag the red marker to indicate the problem’s location. (You can zoom the map in or out, if you wish.) Then fill in the information.

Kalen Ponche March 30, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Awesome. Good tool!


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