Stop! Go! Creve Coeur Pedestrian Lights Are Up On Olive Project

Construction work on the Olive Blvd./Graeser Transportation Development District could wrap up next week.

Construction on the intersection on Olive Boulevard at Graeser Road and Dautel Lane is inching closer to completion.

Thursday morning, the pedestrian traffic lights at the intersection were functional, all as part of a project which realigned the intersection and installed a traffic light in the area as part of ' move to a new location in .

Creve Coeur City Administrator Mark Perkins told city council members Monday that the pedestrian lights were going to be on by the end of this week, with the goal of finishing remaining work on a traffic median and other items by the end of next week, according to Pace Properties.

While the traffic light has been functional since earlier this spring and the , residents in the area have still been concerned about pedestrian safety for a variety of reasons, including the length of the light.

A Missouri Department of Transportation engineer told Creve Coeur Patch the light will be studied and potentially recalibrated once the construction project is completed, but it's not clear yet how much crossing time will be provided.

Neighbors in the area are also concerned that many of the traffic issues the project was supposed to solve could be reignited if a proposal for a


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