Taking The Arc To The White House

Head of Creve Coeur-area agency will be in Washington, D.C. Friday to discuss issues tied to those with developmental disabilities.

You'll have to excuse Kathy Meath if she's a little busier than usual this week. Meath heads , a non-profit agency just outside Creve Coeur which serves the needs of thousands of St. Louis children and adults with developmental disabilities. She won't be in the office Friday. But she'll be working.

Meath, a University City resident, is one of 150 people invited to the White House for the day as part of an effort to talk about issues concerning those with developmental disabilities

She told Patch this is the first time in this kind of organized setting, where representatives from hundreds of service providers and grass roots advocates for the developmentally disabled will have an audience Friday with policymakers and administration officials. She wasn't sure if that audience would include President Barack Obama.

Meath said the day would include breakout sessions covering topics including family support, health care, education and community living. She said she would be paying particular attention to any discussion around medicaid, citing it as the "lifeline" and only funding source for families of those with developmental disabilities.

Nationally, Meath said The Arc of the United States was working to ensure that choice, proper services, and treatment are available under the Afordable Health Care Act.


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