The Week Ahead: A Bakery, A Night Out and Remembering Creve Coeur Days

A look at what we're up to this week on Creve Coeur Patch and how you can be part of it.

We hope you enjoyed what shaped up as a busy weekend of activity around Creve Couer. If you were part of the Heart To Heart racing events, or enjoyed some time at De Smet celebrating Creve Coeur Days, tell us about it and share your photos in our Pics & Clips Gallery.

If you couldn't get out to Creve Coeur Days,

Now, to the week ahead...Monday night, the Creve Coeur Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on another text amendment related to the Shoppes at Westgate, this time in a bid to allow commercial bakeries on certain zoned areas less than 4 acres.

The request for a text amendment comes as the center's developers are looking for a new tenant to fill a vacancy.

Tuesday is the day Creve Coeur celebrates a National Night Out. In a bid to avoid the hot weather that could derail activities which are traditionall held in August elsehwere, the city moved its sponsored events to June. and follow this link if you and your neighbors want to get involved. 

We'll be looking for neighors doing fun stuff that night too, so let us know in the comment section below if you're participating.

If you're planning on doing any driving this week, be sure to see what's up in our.

Later in the week, we'll have our regular look at restaurant inspection reports. Speaking of restaurants, did you weigh in on

And one more "In Case You Missed It Item" for you: . Now, instead of competing against just a handful of communities, I'm betting that Creve Coeur businesses, restaurants, even Facebook pages, ranks among the very best in all of St. Louis. Check it out and speak up!


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