Whitfield Student Documents Post-Tsunami Japan

Richard Zajac hopes to debut a film project on the disaster next year.

Creve Coeur Patch has chronicled the ties Creve Coeur and its residents have had to the devastation brought on by last year's earthquake and the resulting tsunami which caused so much damage in Japan, including when it happened, and those who have to help.

Now, a student is also stepping forward, in an effort to document a problem which will last in that region long after the debris is gone.

“The nuclear plant and much of the contaminated mess can be cleaned up, but the people in this region will be dealing with the lasting effects for many decades to come," explained Whitfield Senior Richard Zajac in a story released by the school. "What concerns me most is the societal stigma surrounding the people affected by radiation or “hibakusha”. Zajac was also recently featured by the Suburban Journals.

In September, the school said Zajac went to Japan to follow the work of a non-profit group mapping the radiation exposure there, and since his return, has also interviewed the likes of Jean-Michel Costeau about the impact of radiation on marine life.

The film result of Zajac's work tentatively titled "New Hibakusha" could be ready in 2012.

Below is a preview of the documentary.





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