Cardinals Finish Off Happy Postseason Flight In World Series Style

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals who have now won 11 championships.

11 in '11.

Twitter afficianados have seen the hashtag a lot over the last month. Friday, the St. Louis Cardinals made it a reality, winning the franchise's 11th World Series title to end the 2011 season.

What a wild ride it has been. You've heard about it all...a manager with shingles, the Tortoise, the Rally Squirrel, a bullpen rebuilt at the trade deadline, culminating with the hometown kid turning in NLCS and World Series MVP performances.

You literally can't make this stuff up. Almost a month to the day the team won it all, a group of Patch editors attended a game at Busch. It happened to be the game against the Mets late in the regular season when the Cardinals lost a late inning lead to the New York Mets. Who could guess Jason Motte would be back on the same mound closing out a World Series title.

What will you remember most about all of this?

I'm hoping to create more memories on Sunday as the team celebrates with a parade downtown. Here are those details, which according to mlb.com, will include a performance by the Marching Band.

Thanks to Jenny Herner, who provided us with this featured photo while she was part of the celebration in the stands. Share your photos from Friday's celebration, wherever you were!


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