Letter From The Principal: Spring Break, MAP Testing and Perseverance

Craig Elementary School's Dr. Nicole Evans' latest message to the school community.

Dear Families,

During Spring Break, I visited Chicago where I spent time with my adult sons and my 15 month old grandson, RJ.  RJ has mastered walking and of course, now added running to his repertoire!  I was astonished at several things.  I was impressed at the many skills he has attained since my last visit.  I was also amazed at how many times he got up after falling and kept running and playing, with a smile on his face.  As I reflect on his wonderful milestones, I realized that he was demonstrating the character trait that we are focusing on this month, "Perseverance."  We are defining perseverance as "to keep trying even when things are challenging or don't go the way you want."

For the duration of the school year, our students will have many opportunities to keep trying! The MAP season is upon us for our 3-5th grade students as they take a state assessment and demonstrate how they compare to students of their like age across the state. All of our students will also be working in their classrooms, monitoring goals that they have set with their teachers and demonstrating growth for the school year to their teachers, to you and mostly, to themselves for a sense of accomplishment.

As we think about the final days of this school year, we begin to review the year, highlight the good aspects, think about how we would redo some aspects and also think about the remainder of the year. I would like for us to focus on finishing strong. We can all take a note from my grandson, RJ, as we demonstrate perseverance and finish strong!

In the best interest of your child,

Dr. Nicole E. Evans,



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