NCAA Tourney: Bracket Busting Questions, Made For TV Drama

Creve Coeur Patch will have special interest in this year's Men's NCAA basketball tournament. Will you?

If someone had told you six months ago that the University of Missouri would be picked by basketball talking heads like Dick Vitale and Seth Davis on Selection Sunday to reach college basketball's Final Four, I would have responded that there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell.

Improbability became reality over the weekend, as the Tigers swept through the Big 12 Basketball tournament, even though the team's 30-4 record wasn't enough to garner a number 1 seed in the eyes of those in charge. Kansas didn't get one either, but if they keep on winning, the Jayhawks would play here in St. Louis in two weeks.

Instead, the Tigers find themselves the number 2 seed in the West Region, which feeds out to Phoenix. If the Tigers get past Norfolk State, they could face the Florida Gators and former graduate Bradley Beal. I had hoped we'd see a Beal-Mizzou matchup next season when the Tigers moved to the SEC, that is if Beal returned for a Sophomore season. We're close to getting that matchup this season.

One other game that will have a few other locals interested is the Georgetown/Belmont matchup. senior Eric Moeller has been on the Nashville, Tennessee school's recruiting radar.

My Final Four: Kentucky, Missouri, Florida State and North Carolina.

Finals: Missouri vs. North Carolina.

Champion: Missouri winning it all. Against a team coached by Roy Williams.

Who are your Final Four? What Do you think?


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