Patch editors fired

 In Aug there was talk about mergers and/or sales of parts,  but I can't find find info about that  now, only about the firing of the entire St Louis staff.  AOL  made a profit this last quarter, but decided to make Patch "more profitable" by ditching half the  employees.
Read the St Louis Business Journal or the Post for more details

Found the AOL head behind this
AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong

Tell him what you think

Scott Simon October 15, 2013 at 12:11 PM
Maureen you're dilusional, proven by "consolidated power over the First Amendment Rights of the People." Didn't know Obama ordered Patch's layoffs. Didn't know he caused their losses either. But having done advertising business with Patch, no surprise it failed. A shame that it failed; it didn't have to fail but lack of real leadership. stood out.
Maureen Wheat October 15, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Fool--and Scott if anyone is delusional about the attrition of the entire US economy--well that would be you. If the Patch gives the right of the people to speak their mind, what about the 1st Am is not addressed. I understand you are defending a sinking ship; but don't defend it so idiotically. If the Patch was "limping" toward profitability in the most chaotic financial enviroment since the Gr. Depression, it was at least limping in the right direction. And please---let's just let bo remain OUT OF CIVIL CONVERSATIONS...there is nothing about the USC that hasn't been a rash of hives on his rear end. So who looks dilusional now? Or maybe you're just not looking at the big picture--yes--i'll give you the ignorance defense verses a clinical dx. That would be more charitable than your personal attack after 'missing the boat' altogether...Best regards
Stephanie R. October 15, 2013 at 02:49 PM
There should be no ignorance when correctly applying the limits of the First Amendment. It prohibits Uncle Sam from infringing on free speech. The government had nothing to do with an AOL business decision. There's no personal attack when addressing someone who blantantly is wrong about application of one of the Bill of Rights.
Maureen Wheat October 17, 2013 at 04:40 PM
You are so clueless re what is a right under the First Am...bo paid $300,000 a day to pay to keep people from FREE OPEN AIR monuments. So that's not the Govt. refusing a 1st Am. right? Crawl outside the box and READ the USC, BOR and Amends. for what it REALLY means. For my part, i am promoting on an international level a boycott of AOL and it's associated corp entities. Some people STILL believe in things more important than GREED. I'm working at getting completely away from this Patch.com, so please excuse me for excusing you...best regards.
kevin kohlar October 17, 2013 at 04:55 PM
No one expects AOL to go out of business over any one issue, Patch included. But why didn't they guage their response; let people know this was in trouble. For myself, i would have paid a subscription fee to keep the editors local. I already caught wind of the idea of boycotting AOL and their business enterprises. This decision was very badly thought out--and reeks with GREED. Wheat is not the nicest poster, but her points are well made, in particular about the Constitution and Amendments. She shouldn't have called you "clueless"--although her point is correct. That's life. Kevin


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