Authorities: Woman Wanted Dead Person's IRS Check

A St. Louis County woman faces a charge of theft of government funds after trying to deposit a check at a Creve Coeur credit union.

A St. Louis County woman was arrested Tuesday after employees at a Creve Coeur credit union were suspicious of her attempt to deposit a check for more than $7,000 into her account.

According to a news release from the Internal Revenue Service, Patrinia Taylor, 44, was trying to deposit the check, written to a third party on behalf of a deceased taxpayer. According to authorities, both the taxpayer involved and the third party named in the complaint are deceased.

When Creve Coeur Police officers stopped her vehicle after she left the credit union, the IRS said Taylor said she was there with the third party at the facility, however surveilance footage showed she was alone.

If convicted, Taylor could face 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.


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