Creve Coeur Days Plans Have Neighbors Steamed

Police will take additional steps to curb problems, but residents are concerned about vandalism and trash.

The 11th hour reprieve allowing for the return of may not be a welcome development for some who live near the campus which will host the event.

Creve Coeur City Council heard Monday from citizens of Emerald Green Estates, a neighboring subdivision to the school. Brian Finnegan and Frank Moss expressed their concerns with a "short notice" posting from the Creve Coeur Police Department regarding traffic arrangements for Creve Coeur Days.

In an email bulletin which went out last week, police announced that “No Parking” signs would be posted to limit parking to one side of the street in the Emerald Green Estates and Balmoral subdivisions between Thursday, June 14 and Sunday, June 17.

Finnegan said he expected issues with vandalism and littering from the extra traffic crossing through the neighborhood, adding he would take legal action if necessary. He called the planning "absolutely unacceptable."

Mayor Barry Glantz stressed that the Creve Coeur Days committee is a separate entity apart from the city. However, committee member and Ward 2 Councilman A.J. Wang apologized for "dropping the ball," explaining the rushed manner in which planning for Creve Coeur Days was handled this year.

Police Chief Glenn Eidman said the CCPD has been working on parking arrangements for the event and noted there would be extra patrols for the area during Creve Coeur Days festivities. A pedestrian crossing would also be set up at Ballas Road where heavy foot traffic is expected.

TransducerX June 13, 2012 at 12:55 PM
I predict everything will run smoothly and there will be no vandalism. I also predict there will be a bit of extra trash. Not the end of the world.
Steve Carleton June 13, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Boy Scouts help with trash pickup every year, we will make sure they check neighboring residences.
Robin Tidwell June 13, 2012 at 02:46 PM
I used to live in Balmoral; never worried about trash or vandalism from DeSmet football games, but the parking was awful. If any emergency vehicles had needed access to the subdivision, if would have been a nightmare. I put signs on the cars in front of my house: It's considered rude to park in front of someone's house if you don't know them and aren't visiting - so please, come to the door and introduce yourself! Two out of four drivers did so as they were leaving - and thanked me! After the first game, CCPD put up signs to restrict parking to one side only.
Suzie June 13, 2012 at 03:30 PM
It's only over the weekend, so residents stop worrying about being inconvienced. Residents have the same issues with the Parkway North homecoming parade, the CC Days parade on Olive and all of the community fireworks displays in the Greater St. Louis area. Lighten up and follow the lead of DeSmet by graciously donating their property, so families can have some fun together. While waiting for a stoplight to change at Ballas & Ladue, I actually got honked at by a resident of one of those subdivisions and he was waiving at me to back-up & let him move in-after I was there first. Seriously?


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