Creve Coeur Officer Honored For Saving Woman From Further Alleged Domestic Assault

Sergeant Tim Koncki was also honored for his work on traffic-related issues and the department's response to Monsanto for protests.

In a ceremony Thursday afternoon at the Creve Coeur Government Center, Creve Coeur Police Sergeant Tim Koncki was named the department's "Officer of The Quarter.

In a narrative read by Police Chief Glenn Eidman in front of assembled city staff and residents, Koncki was recognized for his efforts to help stop an apparent case of domestic assault.

According to Chief Eidman, Koncki was driving home after a 10 hour day on September 4 when he saw a man hit a woman he was walking with in the head with an open hand and then again with a closed fist. 

Eidman said Koncki called for backup and made a U-turn to get to the scene.

The man was arrested on a domestic assault charge. Eidman said she told officers the man, her live-in boyfriend, "had been beating her all weekend inside the apartment and would not let her leave. He had broken every phone in the apartment, so she could not call for help. So, she went to make a phone call at the only public phone she knew of at a local store when he found her. He was escorting her back to the apartment when he started beating her again," at the time of the incident.

Koncki was also recognized for his work coordinating police response efforts to recent Monsanto protests, and taking a lead on traffic issues by writing grant proposals and handling issues with the city's red light cameras.


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