Creve Coeur Police Alert: Dozens Of Cars Victimized By Thieves Preying On Unlocked Doors

Creve Coeur Police are increasing patrols in impacted areas.

The department is investigating a series of thefts from cars which have been reported since August 31.

In the department's latest criminal activity report:

  • 8/31:1 unlocked car at the AMC 12 Theatre resulted in the loss of a gift card and loose change.
  • 9/1: A car in on Ambois Lane was "rifled through" but nothing was taken.
  • 9/1: Three unlocked cars in the 800 block of Lesparre Drive were entered, with only loose change taken.
  • 9/1: 13000 Block of Ambois Lane another car was rifled through, with nothing taken.
  • 9/1: 22 vehicles were rifled through, with loose change, and a laptop stolen in the 12900 block of Barbezieux Drive.

The thefts prompted an email alert from Police to city residents Wednesday:

In the past week, Creve Coeur has had numerous thefts from unlocked vehicles. Below is a summary of these crimes: 

Between August 31, 2012 and September 5, 2012 during overnight hours, more than 40 unlocked vehicles were rummaged through. Money, a lap top and other valuables were stolen. 

The Creve Coeur Police Department continues to investigate these incidents and have increased neighborhood patrols during overnight hours. 

Please remember to remove valuable items, including weapons, and to lock your vehicles at all times. 


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