Update: Creve Coeur Police Confirm Stolen Car

Authorities are reminding residents not to leave vehicles unlocked.

Creve Coeur Police issued the following email blast to the community Monday after 8 unlocked cars were "ransacked" in the Tealwood subdivision on the city's south side and one vehicle, a Honda minivan, was stolen.

Attention Creve Coeur Residents: 

During the early morning of October 22, vehicles were ransacked while parked in their driveways and on the streets of residential areas off Lindbergh Blvd. The Creve Coeur Police Department wishes to remind you of the following: 

1. Remove all valuables from your vehicle. 
2. Lock your doors. 
3. Do not leave keys in your vehicle. 
4. Report any and all suspicious activity to the police IMMEDIATELY. 


Editor's note: a previous version of this story referenced the incident taking place in the Tealbrook subdivision, not Tealwood.

Scott Simon October 23, 2012 at 11:57 AM
Please folks, lock your cars. I learned this lesson in Feb. 2004. It was a Sunday and I was visiting my mother. We had a lot of sleet that day. She wanted me to go to the store. I told her I'd go in the evening when traffic was lighter and the streets more salted. At 10pm with the temperature about 20 degrees, I went into the driveway to warmup/defrost. I went inside to get a cup of coffee and wait for 10 min. When I returned, the car was gone. I was in a panic because I had to go out of town 3 days later and what would I do? It was found in north St. Louis - luckily for me, intact. St. Louis city police told me a man had stolen it then given it to his "girlfriends." They got caught in broad daylight. I never thought bad guys would be out stealing cars in an ice storm and cold temperatures. i learned that Creve Coeur is a target, at any time, under any condition.


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