Creve Coeur Police Pushing New Party Rules

After seeing an increase in the number of private parties that ultimately warranted police action, authorities are suggesting guidelines to help make sure they don't show up at your gathering.

Officers with the aren't anti-social, but by the sound of things, they'd be thrilled if they weren't called to respond to parties in the city because of noise complaints or underage drinking.

Monday night, Police Chief Glenn Eidman will share a policy adjustment with City Council members that he presented Thursday to the city's Police and Safety Committee.

In 2010, the department issued a summons or made arrests in 6 cases. In 2011 the number jumped to 10. Five parties were broken up in 2010, while 12 were in 2011.

And in 2011, the number of cases where underage drinking was suspected jumped to 18, from 8 the previous year.

Eidman said there have already been at least 18 party calls in 2012, the most notable of which may have been a June graduation party that saw a Creve Coeur man of a minor. The city prosecutor has since indicated he tied to allowing those under 21 to drink. 

Noise is also a factor in these cases, as Chief Eidman told the Police panel authorities shut down a neighborhood subdivision party in one case, as well as a choral gathering for a sick cancer patient near Ladue Road and Spoede Road that could be heard at Ladue Road and Ballas Road.

Police are reminding residents to let their neighbors know about parties ahead of time, and if there's music outdoors, when it will be over. Police suggest that music end by 11:00 p.m. on weekends, 10 p.m. on weeknights.

Other suggestions, according to a staff report:

 • Consider your neighbors, and if the party becomes loud, turn down the music, limit the number of guests or consider moving guests inside of your home to minimize the noise.

• Obtain No Parking Signs from the Creve Coeur Police Department the week prior to the party at no charge.  

• Make it clear, no invite - no entry.

• Don’t serve alcohol to young people under the age of 21; it is illegal.

• Consider limiting coming and going, to avoid teens drinking at their cars and returing to your property.

•  Do not email, post on a blog or personal website, organize via chat, or SMS your invites on a general basis, as this could foster or encourage others showing up that were not invited.  

 • If you’re having more than about 20 guests and are concerned things could get out of hand you may wish to consider hiring security or off-duty police officers.

Residents with questions are encouraged to contact Officer Grace Fico at (314) 442-2075


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