Creve Coeur Teen Charged In Laser Pointer Case At Busch Stadium

The 17 year-old was arrested after apparently being caught red-handed during Monday's Cardinals game.

St. Louis Police confirmed Wednesday that Eric Bogard, 17, of Creve Coeur, had been officially charged in St. Louis City Court with a count of Peace Disturbance at an athletic event.

Bogard, who was reportedly a guest of parent, Mercy Health in the company's guest box at the Cardinals game against the San Francisco Giants,

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch  identified Bogard as a student at and also suggested that a Mercy executive who hosted the outing Monday could face a charge in connection with the incident.

A St. Louis Police spokeswoman declined to comment on that possibility Wednesday.

Mercy has released the following statement: 

Mercy takes very seriously the situation that occurred at the Cardinals game and we are continuing to investigate the incident. Once we fully understand the facts, we will take the appropriate steps to ensure that this kind of incident cannot happen again. We apologize to the players involved and to the Cardinals organization.

Jim August 10, 2012 at 10:44 AM
Marie Glancy seems to be a board member for Youth in Need, an organization that guides youth, incuding teens. Ms Glancy was apparently the only adult "supervising" several teenagers. Alcohol was found that had been illegally brought into the box. The 17 y/o repeatedly used the laser, even after the game was stopped and after the Cardinal coach pointed to him. It is doubtful Ms. Glancy could not have known about the laser; the entire stadium did. Let's hope she wasn't encouraging him to do it. Ms Glancy blocked officers from entering the Mercy suite. She is lucky to not have been handcuffed and arrested. If the teenagers were drinking she is liable. Youth in Need may seek another person for the board slot, someone who is sincere about mentoring youth.
Sue L. August 11, 2012 at 06:50 PM
I am sure Marie felt she was above the law.........I hope any organization she works with/for drops her like a bad habit.


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