Multi Meth-Making Material Purchases Lead To One Arrest

Creve Coeur Police arrested one man on a drug charge after others in his car purchased more than 350 units of pseudoephedrine.

arrested a man Saturday on a controlled substance possession charge after the vehicle was tied to a report of four people who each had purchased 96-count packages of pseudoephedrine from .

A police report did not disclose the controlled substance located in the vehicle.

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Pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient in manufacturing mehamphetamine. The city of Creve Coeur does not currently have local restrictions on the ability to purchase pseudoephedrine.

that the CVS Pharmacy in Creve Coeur has been one of the top sellers of pseudoephedrine statewide in monthly surveys.

Do you think the City of Creve Coeur should develop a "prescription only" policy for the purchase of pseudoephedrine? Tell us in the comment section.


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