Parkway Central Student Reportedly Faces Facebook Fate

KMOV TV: Student kicked out of school and charged with cyberbullying, now waiting for expulsion hearing.

Updated with information from Chesterfield Police

KMOV-TV is reporting that a student has been booted from class after authorities made an arrest for cyberbullying. "Police say the 18-year-old student's posts were very inappropriate and harassing to certain girls," according to the story.

Chesterfield Police tell Patch the charge was not cyberbullying, but instead harassment, and was primarily due to texting the girl and her friends.

School officials were unable to comment due to student privacy laws, but in a statement to Patch, spokesperson Cathy Kelly said, "We don't tolerate harassment of any kind, take every incident very seriously and will do whatever it takes to keep students safe. We're confident our handling of this situation has been both fair and appropriate."

KMOV reports the student in question was removed from class and is awaiting an expulsion hearing.

Patch asked Facebook fans what they think about the situation:

"It's an issue everywhere. Easier in areas affluent enough for kids to have cell phone/text update and messenging access to Facebook accounts, if not their home PC account," wrote Karen Kaden McNaughton.

"More schools need to bring in Tina Meier to speak on behalf of the Meagan Meier Foundation against cyber-bullying. Zero tolerance for this should be the standard at any school," she added.

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