Police Officer Assaulted At The Post Office: Package Tied To Case Had Marijuana

Creve Coeur Police officer Geoffrey Schultz was recognized for his work in apprehending suspects during the incident.

A Creve Coeur Police officer is being heralded for his work to apprehend two suspects who may have been connected to drug trafficking, all while nearly getting hit by a car at the Creve Coeur branch of the U.S. Post Office.

On September 13, 2012 Officer Geoffrey Schultz responded to the Post Office after officials there reported a postal carrier had been followed back to the office by a car after the carrier would not deliver a package to a Creve Coeur apartment.

According to police, Officer Schultz saw one person in a vehicle and tried to approach another person coming out of the building who was believed to have been driving the car which followed the carrier back to the post office.

Police say the man got in the car, "accelerated sharply in reverse and intentionally veered toward Officer Schultz," who jumped out of the way, according to Creve Coeur Police Chief Glenn Eidman.

The car got stuck on a concrete curb and was surrounded by Schultz and other officers at the scene.

Aaron Russell, of St. Louis, was arrested and charged with a Class C Felony count of assaulting a law enforcement officer.

According to Chief Eidman, the package in question had more than five pounds of marijuana inside. That aspect of the case is still under local and federal investigation.

For his efforts, Officer Schultz was given a certificate of recognition at a ceremony last week.

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