Vehicle Slams Into Creve Coeur Animal Hospital

No apparent injuries, but vet says one staff member "within inches" of being killed.

Customers at the Creve Coeur Animal Hospital were still able to pick up supplies and conduct some business as usual late Wednesday afternoon, even after a vehicle plowed into the side of the building.

Dr. Steven Glaeser was on the phone in another part of the building when he heard what sounded like a roof collapsing just before 3 p.m.  Creve Coeur Police said the female driver of the SUV traveled down an embankment from an adjacent parking lot before striking the building. There were no injuries. But Dr. Glaeser said it was close to being a much different story.

"There was one person that was within inches of probably being killed," he said. "She was on one side of the wall and the car barely missed her, " he added, saying a person could easily have been pinned by the vehicle.

 Dr. Glaeser said the hospital's ability to safely treat animals had not been compromised by the accident and that city engineers have already been on scene and indicated that the building was structurally sound.

In the meantime, staff have been cleaning up and referring customers who needed immediate attention. When asked what tomorrow would bring, Dr. Glaeser said: "Cleanup."




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