Barry Glantz For Mayor Campaign Subject of Ethics Complaint

Creve Coeur City Councilwoman Jeanne Rhoades filed a complaint Thursday with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Mayor Barry Glantz will chair only his second City Council meeting Monday , but he will do so under the cloud of an ethics complaint filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission Thursday.

Councilwoman Jeanne Rhoades filed the query with the agency and in the 9 page report, accuses Glantz of "misrepresenting the primary affiliation (employer) of his single largest contributor." It also alleges that a woman behind a last-minute mailer in the campaign "misrepresented and/or omitted key information" in order to benefit the Glantz campaign. It further states that Glantz and or his supporters may have colluded "to deliberately and fraudulently confuse and distract voters."

By Missouri law, the Missouri Ethics Commission cannot confirm the filing of such a complaint. Bryant's campaign and

The Ethics Commission has not announced any action in that case.

Patch is in the process of contacting all of the involved parties. Check back for further updates as they are available.

Scott Simon May 12, 2012 at 03:33 PM
So are you going to print the name of this woman? It's not a national-security secret. Everyone should read Councilperson Rhoades "An Open Letter" sent March 28, a week before the election. My guess is she'd be more than happy to share it on Creve Coeur Patch.
Sue Baum May 14, 2012 at 09:16 PM
well, it should be no surprise that Barry Glantz is once again trying to shimmy under the scrutiny of all. I can absolutely assure you that from his very first campaign for City Council that he outright LIED about who had given him money for his campaign. How about a $5000.00 contribution from a CC Developer which Glantz reported as his own money. In those days, Glantz didn't have an extra $50 bucks much less $5000. T'was not his own money....was he influenced by Developers, by Dielmann, and his friends...DUH! Previous MO Ethics REPORTS were filed. Good luch on the currrent one. Former Mayor Sue Baum....I brought this guy into CC Politics, it may have been my worst mistake. Sorry, friends.


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