Call Him Switzerland: Council Member Says He's Neutral In Mayor's Race

A.J. Wang in a bit of a tight spot after his name showed up on a mailer taking sides in the Mayor's race.

According to his original plan, Creve Coeur Ward 2 Councilman A.J. Wang said he was going to remain neutral in the race between Barry Glantz and Laura Bryant for Mayor of .

But with less than a month left before the April 3 election, Wang found himself in what he called Monday a "somewhat akward" position recently, when his name appeared on a mailer with more than two dozen other current and former city elected officials, backing Glantz.

Wang said if he had been asked to sign off on it, "I would have said no."

Glantz contended Monday night that he did speak to Wang about signing off on the letter, and that if Wang wanted to change his mind, that was his prerogative.

Wang meanwhile has posted campaign signs for both candidates in his yard.

Scott Simon March 30, 2012 at 02:51 PM
"I would have said no?" Huh? What kind of answer is that, in the past tense? It's either yes or no. Pretty wishy-washy, proven with both yard signs. Guess we can count on Mr. Wang to have signs for both Presidential candidates this fall.


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