Clint Zweifel Says He'll Serve Full Term As State Treasurer

Just elected to a four-year term in November, Missouri's State Treasurer is seen by some as a possible candidate for Lieutenant Governor if a vacancy is created.

In what he called a "sincere statement," Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel told Patch Wednesday he would serve a full term in office, despite some speculation he could be a candidate for lieutenant governor.

Zweifel, a former state representative from Florissant, spoke to a group of small business owners at Pulaski Bank in Creve Coeur Wednesday.

Political watchers will be keeping a close eye on what happens Feb. 9 in Southeast Missouri, as Republicans in the state's Eighth Congressional district decide who to put up in a June special election to fill the seat left empty by Jo Ann Emerson's resignation.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is one of a handful of candidates interested in running for the vacant Eighth Congressional district seat. He's seen as one of the GOP's frontrunners.

As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other outlets have reported, there are mixed opinions on whether the governor has the authoritiy to fill a vacancy in the lieutenant governor's office.

The Missouri Times this week floated a list of 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans who could end up in the office if Kinder were to win the congressional seat, and topping the list of Democrats is Zweifel, who just won re-election to a second term as Treasurer in November. The story touted his ability as a fundraiser and "a proven vote getter."

"I love serving as treasurer. It's an opportunity to be able to really make an impact in terms of the work that we've done with entrepreneurs and small businesses. I wake up everyday excited about going to work and it's a job I truly love serving," Zweifel said.

When asked if he was making a "Shermanesque" statement about his plans, Zweifel said it was "a sincere statement."

The session Wednesday with business owners touched on familiar topics like the state's Unclaimed Property program, which Zweifel touted as now able to get property returned in an average of 18 days, and the Missouri MOST 529 college savings plan.


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