De Smet Senior Worked On Winning Campaign

Connor Valenti saw a preview of what life in the rough and tumble world of politics could be like by working on a statehouse campaign.

When South County Democrat Bob Burns was elected Tuesday as the next State Representative in the new 93rd District, he had help from a De Smet senior with his own hopes for a future in politics

Connor Valenti, a straight-A student, began working for Burns prior to the August primary.

"I went door to door with him when I had time, straight through the summer," Valenti said. "I was knocking on doors, talking to people."

Valenti said he worked the polls all day in the primary election, but couldn't in the final because he had school.

Valenti’s mother worked for Burns six years ago when Burns ran against Republican Jim Lembke for a state representative seat.

“We kept in touch with him over the years,” Valenti said. “He said he was running this year, and I told him I’m really interested in politics, is there any way I can help out with your campaign?”

“He’s brilliant,” Burns said. “He was with me all summer through those 106-degree days knocking on doors.”

Burns said when he wanted to cut one of those hot days short, Valenti kept him going.

Election night Valenti was the go-to guy for Burns and other South County Democrats, keeping an eye on the returns at the Genesis Banquet Center watch party.

"I like to have a handle on what's going on," he said. He said he likes to be plugged into the numbers.

"It was great experience because I want to move on into politics," Valenti said. "There was nothing wrong in getting to do this. I really enjoyed it."

Actually, he said there was one thing he didn't like. The election is over, so he's out of a job.

Scott Simon November 09, 2012 at 03:16 PM
It's nice to see someone from my alma mater working in politics at that age. I only hope he carried with him the long-standing principles and beliefs taught for four decades.


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