Creve Coeur Is Asked To Consider Historic Preservation Law

Tell us: what structures would you like to see protected in Creve Coeur?

The City of Creve Coeur has a Historic Preservation Committee, which according to the city's website, is primarily charged with:

  • Encouraging and aiding in the preservation and renovation of historic buildings and artifacts in the Creve Coeur community.
  • Aiding and supporting the efforts of other historic preservation groups in the city.

But Ward 2 City Councilwoman Tara Nealey pointed out Monday the city does not have a Historic Preservation ordinance that would help preserve the historic nature of buildings in the city.

Nealey and residents of Ladue Estates,  talked up the need for the city to have such an ordinance Monday night.

Lee Ann Baker, a Ladue Estates resident and Trustee, said the recognition does not by itself equal preservation. Baker said a letter writing campaign yielded interest from other mid-century modern architectural neighborhoods in having something along those lines.

Nealey said it was easy enough to see the steps other communities were taking with this period in particular just by Googling the term: mid century modern historic preservation.

A search of those terms yielded this Patch Blog from Potomac (MD) Patch.

While Nealey shared an example of an ordinance from Ohio, she has no specific set of expecations that would shape a Creve Coeur ordinance, and started with mid-century modern because it was the period during which Creve Coeur saw its building boom from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Any ordinance would not supercede subdivision indentures. Baker too, added that she did not want to "impede updates" to buildings, as long as those changes to alter the building's mid-century nature.

Council concluded the discussion Monday by directing the city's Historic Preservation Committee to explore what might be included in an ordinance.

What buildings in Creve Coeur do you think should be protected by a historic preservation ordinance? Tell us in the comment section.

flyoverland November 27, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Gee, I guess that makes me historic as I was also born in the "mid century," whatever that is. Residents should be very wary of these historic recognition laws. You will need to get permission to make changes (please note the statement, they don't want to impede updates as long as they don't alter the mid century nature. The question is who will make that determination? Probably not you. You would be ceding your private property rights to some committee empowered by the city. Some people think having a historic plaque on their front porch is cool. They then find they have "impeded" their latitude when it comes to selling their home. Let's just say someone comes along and wants to buy your "mid-century" gem and tear it down to build a new home. That is certainly not a foreign concept in Creve Coeur. Guess what? The preservation police show up and object. Take it from someone who has tried to build homes for the poor in the city where the preservation police are everywhere using their power to make life miserable for anyone who wants to do something they don't like. This is another idea that sounds good but will end up with property owners diluting their property rights.


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