Creve Coeur Public Hearing Called Over Possible Drive-Thru Restaurant

A developer has proposed changing city code to allow for drive-thru restaurants under different conditions.

Almost two months after backers of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant said it was possible that they could approach the city lawmakers with a in , a public hearing on the matter has been scheduled for September 19.

Current codes do not allow for restaurants to provide drive-thru service on less than three acres of property. Under an informal site plan shared with area residents in June, a developer would locate a restaurant with drive thru service and a bank on just under 3 acres of land at the intersection of Olive and Graeser. The property has been vacant since May, when

In a public notice first posted Monday afternoon, Bill Bierman, on behalf of Creve Coeur Real Estate Venture IV, LLC, has proposed amending city code to allow for restaurants with drive-thru service on land larger than 1 acre as long as it is more than a half mile away from another restaurant with drive-thru operations.

, the only current restaurant in Creve Coeur with drive-thru service, is approximately 0.9 of a mile away from the proposed site.

Attempts to reach Bierman and a local representative for the restaurant for comment have not been successful Tuesday.

An attorney for one family in the area which would neighbor any potential development at the former Walgreens property could not comment on news of the impending hearing. . At that time, Heffner said they were "exploring options" when asked if there was potential for a legal fight over the issue.

Kathy Guerra, M.Ed.,LPC August 31, 2011 at 08:07 PM
I think they should explore a place with more land instead of trying to change a good city code!
Jill Hunt September 05, 2011 at 12:48 PM
This proposal is for a parcel just under 2 acres (1.9), not for just under the required 3. It is also for a Chick-fil-a AND a drive-thru bank on this little 1.9 acre lot so it is the developer's plan to jam a lot of traffic creating business onto a small piece in a highy residential area. Why not put it west of here on Olive which is an area that has more businesses?
TransducerX September 14, 2011 at 08:34 PM
While the current code is slightly ridiculous (typical Creve Coeur 'not in my back yard'-ism), I do have to agree that this parcel of land is undersized if indeed there is to be (another?!) bank on premises as well as the Chik-fil-a. But Chik-fil-a needs to be assessable from the east without customers having to deal with the gauntlet that Olive traffic west of Schulte during mealtimes. Ditch the bank?


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