Cynthia Kramer Files For Ward 1 Council Seat

The Planning and Zoning Commissioner will face David Caldwell in April's election.

Creve Coeur voters will have a pair of contested city council races to decide on April 2. 

Cynthia Kramer made it official Tuesday, following through on her earlier stated intention to run for the Ward 1 seat currently held by Beth Kistner, who cannot seek re-election because of term limits.

David Caldwell has also filed for the seat.

Kramer, founder of SCOPE, a non-profit organization that looks to boost the ties between science, education and workforce opportunities, is currently on Creve Coeur's Planning and Zoning Commission and is a former subdivision trustee.

Kramer said she did not arrive at the decision to run for office with a list of policy goals in mind outside of an intention of being fiscally responsible and with having concerns about the Olive Boulevard corridor where long-vacant commercial properties pose challenges for businesses and residents.  

As someone who knows the city's scientific and business assets, she's looking to be an agent of sharing that message more broadly. "I would like to see us take advantage obviously of these assets that we have on the more commercial side but really importantly I thnk that we also need to continue to tell our story of what a great residential community we are," Kramer said.

Kramer said she plans on walking the ward to hear what her potential constituents think is important moving forward.

"It can’t be about you and it can’t be about your viewpoint," she said. "You can put information out there but you really need to take in, and listen and learn," Kramer added.







Stephanie R. January 19, 2013 at 11:07 PM
She's on the P&Z committee but I think she's going to be a Beth Kistner clone based on the people and groups who backed her with money in the 2006 state rep race that she lost by a good margin. I think Kramer is someone who has a social agenda like Kistner who bet the wrong horse on the Olive TDD, let it get $4 million over budget and didn't do a thing about it. She can talk to all the residents she wants but is she going to tell them the city and Kistner screwed up the Olive TDD and cost them millions? We already know Caldwell saw in advance the TDD was a disaster. He's got the smarts and vision for what's best for us which I doubt Kramer has. To think only 44 more yes votes two years ago for Tony Kardis would have let David be editor full time of Creve Coeur Voter instead of taking time away from that to run for councilman to correct the mess ups Kistner gave us the past 10 years. There's a clear difference in this race and the difference is Caldwell's experience and being on the right side of the issues before they actually happen.


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