Kistner Tops Kardis in Ward 1 Council Contest

Incumbent Beth Kistner is ready for her 5th and final term on Creve Coeur City Council.

In Creve Coeur's ward 1, covering the eastern part of the city, incumbent Councilwoman Beth Kistner defeated challenger Tony Kardis by 43 votes out of 516 cast Tuesday.

The final tally showed Kistner with 279 votes to Kardis' 236, a 54% to 46% margin of victory.  There was one write-in vote.

Because of term limits, the upcoming two-year term will mark Kistner's last go-round on Creve Coeur city council.  Upon hearing the news of her victory from Patch, Kistner said she has no future plans beyond serving these last two years on council.  "When you know something is ending it really makes you enjoy having this one last chance to serve."

The Kistner-Kardis race was not without its share of controversy, as the two candidates were ideologically divided over the use of transportation development districts (TDD's) to generate extra tax revenues to fund infrastructure improvements. Kistner supports TDD's and Kardis does not, without significant reform.

Late in the campaign, the St. Louis County Board of Elections sent a letter to Creve Coeur City Clerk Debbie Ryan. The letter stated Kistner had failed to properly file the required campaign finance documents related to the 2007 election, which Kistner won. "It was a technicality that I think I have corrected," said Kistner on election night.

Her opponent, Tony Kardis, could not be reached for comment. However, in past public statements Kardis had implied he was not accepting of Kistner's explanation.

Kistner says she harbors no ill will towards Kardis after the at-times contentious campaign; "I appreciate that Mr. Kardis ran. I think contested elections are good for this government. I encourage them and I congratulate Mr. Kardis on his campaign," Kistner told Patch late Tuesday night.

Karol Plawsky April 08, 2011 at 02:05 PM
It is interesting that after serving 8 years on the city council, Kistner only squeaked by her opponent(Tony Kardis) with just 43 extra votes. Since this was not a sweeping victory for Kistner by any stretch of the imagination, I believe it is an indication that our city is looking for change in our local government. This election is a prime example of how important each vote is in determining the final outcome. As a volunteer at the polls in Ward 3, it was disappointing to me that so few registered voters exercised their right to vote--we certainly couldn't blame it on the weather this time.


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