Laura Bryant's Campaign For Mayor of Creve Coeur Subject Of Ethics Complaint

Her opponent, Barry Glantz, says she has not filed required paperwork.

Updated 1:58 p.m.

A which has started to pick up its intensity with signs, advertising and emails over the last few weeks was ratcheted up Friday. Barry Glantz issued a statement saying his campaign filed a formal complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission, after he said his opponent, Laura Bryant, failed to submit paperwork with the St. Louis County Board of Elections by February 23, 2012.

Glantz said when he filed his 40-day out report (40 days from the April 3 election), he checked to see what was in Bryant's report, and found that it wasn't on file.

"They're there for a reason, so people can see where money is coming from," Glantz told Patch Friday afternoon. He said it was "disconcerting" considering the emphasis Bryant has placed on matters of transparency, calling it one of the cornerstones of her campaign.

1:58 p.m. Update: Bryant referred questions to her campaign's Treasurer, who was not immediately available for comment Friday afternoon. She said she was not aware of the past due report, calling it "an honest oversight," which would be handled as soon as her Treasurer, David Griege, who is away, was back in town.

By law, the Missouri Ethics Commission cannot confirm that it received a complaint or is conducting an investigation. But the agency's Executive Director told Patch that there is a 15 business day window to investigate complaints, and that if the commission refers a matter to its General Counsel, it would not be addressed prior to the election.

Penalties could include a fine, or a letter of reprimand or concern.


In the same statement announcing the complaint, Glantz also criticized Bryant's use of emails in the campaign. Bryant has sent out at least four emails since January. Glantz said residents have been asking him why they've been receiving them. He said he's getting the emails too, and claimed Bryant has "taken city records and converted them for political use."

1:58 p.m. Update: Bryant referred questions to city officials but confirmed the email addresses were acquired from the city of Creve Coeur.

The city of Creve Coeur's website does offer anyone with an interest in keeping up with city affairs the chance to be updated via email. The bottom of the page also points out that "Subscribers should be aware that the City of Creve Coeur email notification subscription lists are a matter of public record and may be subject to disclosure under applicable Missouri and/or federal statute(s)."

The Bryant campaign's communications do offer recipients the ability to opt out of future emails.

CreveCoeurResident March 07, 2012 at 03:46 PM
This ethics complaint is nonsense. It was a filing error by the campaign treasurer. Way to manufacture a scandal Barry. Is this the "positive leadership" you claim to represent?
CreveCoeurBusinessLeader March 07, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Of course, we heard that line of reasoning from Senator McCaskill about paying taxes on her private airplane. "It was an oversight and someone else's mistake." Real leadership stands tall and takes full accountability for the actions (or inactions) of their team.
pinkgardenflower March 08, 2012 at 07:26 PM
I haven't seen Mr. Glantz take responsibility for anything while on the city council or on the planning and zoning committee. He certainly was never an advocate for residents (see third to last paragraph): http://crevecoeurvoter.com/editorials.asp#108 And as far as "real leadership" is concerned, perhaps you should compare Laura's website to Mr. Glantz's: http://laurabryantformayor.com/achievements.php http://www.glantzformayor.com/ One candidate's "leadership" is all happy talk. The other has actually lead.
Robin Tidwell March 08, 2012 at 11:11 PM
Er, pretty sure Mr. Glantz has another sign stuck in a right-of-way. Next to a Metro sign on Olive.


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