Library Ballot Question Passes, Now What?

The tax increase is the first one in 30 years for the St. Louis County Library system.

St. Louis County voters approved a 6-cent tax increase for the St. Louis County Public Library system in Tuesday’s election, with approximately 57 percent of the votes favoring the measure.

“We are proud that the voters of the library district had confidence in our vision for taking the St. Louis County Library into the future to benefit our children, families and seniors,” said Library Director Charles Pace, in a message thanking voters. “The County Library is already one of the finest and most used libraries in the nation and, with these new resources, we will strive to make it the best."

The challenge now will be for the Library’s Board of Trustees to decide which improvements are more critical and need immediate attention. The tax revenue includes $76.9 million in construction of new libraries, $12.7 million in existing building renovations and another $9 million in upgrades.

“In the months to come, the Board of Trustees will consider which of the projects outlined in the Facilities Master Plan are most pressing and act accordingly. Input from the community will also play an important role in this process,” a news release stated.

You can view the proposed master plan here. It includes a rebuilt Thornhill Branch just outside Creve Coeur but describes it as an "intermediate" need.

According to the master plan, the library’s high priority improvements are:

  • Headquarters Branch – New Building Construction
  • Tesson Ferry Branch – New Building Construction
  • Lewis and Clark Branch – New Building Construction
  • Meramec Valley Branch – New Building Construction
  • Daniel Boone Branch – Existing Building/Renovation/New Addition Construction
  • Grand Glaize Branch – Existing Building/Renovation/New Addition Construction

As a taxpayer, which improvements do you think need the most attention? Tell us in our comments.

flyoverland November 08, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Note to tax increase supporters. Here's what the typical $500k homeowner is going to be paying next year. An extra $0.06 for the Library. $0.19 special school $0.49 ladue school tax from April A total of new taxes you approved this year equals $0.74/100 or $740/year increase for a $500,000 house forever…assuming the value of the house does not increase. This in addition to the tax increase 1/1/13 when Obama refuses to extend the Bush/Obama tax cuts. Meanwhile, the stock market, which had built in a Romney win, showed us yesterday what it thinks will happen over the next four years. The sluggish (and that's being kind) recovery, if any, will ensure you won't see any material increase in your pay (unless, of course you are a teacher or other government worker). It is time these taxing groups quit trying to fool taxpayers by asking for permanent increase while home values are down temporarily. We should force these groups to ask for temporary increases that would expire in say two years. Then revisit their needs upon expiry. Since you approved these taxes in perpetuity, it increases your expense and makes the house less attractive assuming you could ever sell it. These groups have never seen a dollar they didn't want to spend to or three times. There's never enough for them and you are going to have to get by with less. Where will you come up with your EXTRA $740 this year?
TOM CORI November 08, 2012 at 04:02 PM
FLYOVERLAND there is another $0.04/100 tax increase due to the decline in house values in the Ladue school district. The additional tax money is needed to pay off the Ladue school bond issues. The total of NEW taxes for 2012 is $0.78/100. For all tax details look at your bill which should have come or will be arriving shortly. It never ends.


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